37 Drag Queens On The Cover Of New York Magazine


In celebration of the 50 year anniversary of Stone Wall Riots, New York magazine releases a June television issue with 37 of the most powerful drag queen in New York.

The 37 covers features queens from the multi Emmy award winning show RuPaul’s Drag Race. Drag Race in it’s 11 seasons has produced over 100 drag queens and brought drag culture to the mainstream stage. Drag for years was an art form that was not respected even by people in the LGBTQ+ community and through Drag Race we have seen the amount of work, passion and talent it takes to transform into these alter egos.

Drag Race has shown the world that drag queens are more than what meets the eye. Alumni from Drag Race have gone one to create television shows (Hurricane Bianca and Dancing Queen), collaborated with big makeup brands (Alyssa Edwards’ collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills and Aquaria with NYX Cosmetics) and gone on tours all over the world.

Representation is very important in the media. Young people need to see that there are different ways to live and express yourself and the importance of staying true to yourself. Happy Pride Month!